Molly McMorgan 

OUR Short Biography

Private Label Manufacturing

​Molly McMorgan launched in 2010, with an eye on helping businesses of all sizes and scopes connect with top-tier wholesalers—wholesalers whose production processes and quality-first commitment aligned with our wants, needs and expectations. Finding the right wholesalers and connecting the dots wasn’t always easy, but we never expected it to be—we simply wanted to provide premier products and services to customers across all verticals, while supporting their business needs and their bottom lines.

With our wholesale relationships in-check, Molly McMorgan then branched into logistics. Forging diverse relationships in a number of key industry niches. From freight companies offering cost-effective pricing and shorter delivery windows, to top-notch customer support and servicing around the globe. These in-roads enabled the brand and our brand partners to push forward together. And it’s that spirit of partnership, perseverance and service that continues to drive Molly McMorgan and every single one of our relationships on the vendor and client side.

In 2013, the company again expanded, acquiring the country’s top western fashion accessories producer, Wholesale Wallets Direct. By creating an end-to-end logistics system anchored in cutting-edge shipping software and processes, we were able to send product within three hours of ordering. Additionally, our leading-edge system enabled customers to follow their order via real-time updates from packaging to pick up to delivery. This best-in-class workflow quickly turned the Wholesale Wallets Direct business around. Attracting global clients while enabling higher quality, higher value and production. Today, this arm of the business continues to grow while facilitating a launch pad for logistics, innovations and optimization.

More recently, in 2016, Molly McMorgan again took seismic steps towards evolving and expanding its core business offerings. By shifting our focus to private label manufacturing, we were able to spot major challenges in the space—true barriers for many independent businesses looking to grow in scope and scale. We assessed the landscape and saw how, with our expansive resources, Molly McMorgan could bridge these critical gaps. This would help entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome quality, price and logistics issues to drive their own private label manufacturing forward.

Today, Molly McMorgan’s vision is the same as it always was: to build meaningful relationships and to help those partners and customers achieve success in the increasingly competitive fashion accessories market. As we look ahead, we’re eager for all that comes next in this fast-paced industry—what comes next for Molly McMorgan, what comes next for our industry partners and what comes next for their customers and clientele, who demand and deserve quality and service, all at an affordable price.